Elegant & Sexy Portrait Photography { Hudson Valley, NY } Alicia

Alicia is a mom and has no frickin' idea how hot she is.  She was so much fun to have in the studio and the girls doing her hair and makeup totally fell in love.  I love how great she felt when we got near the end and added her family in for some last shots.  Her kids are a riot and I was so glad to be able to capture some real life images for her.



xo sam&dave


Full Moon Resort, Wedding Videographer { Arius Photo } Feature Film

Tracy & Mike found us through the grace and elegance of kismet and karma.
They are good folks who put their love out there into the expanse of the universe and it was met with the generosity of our love for cinema and weddings and love and the Catskills.
We love making wedding movies but even more so we love cinema.  We love telling peoples stories the way they believe it.  From a young girl,  I always pictured things in a movie like fashion.  I walked down the street pretending that cameras were following me.  Come to think of it, I'm not sure why I never auditioned for a reality show....
Anyway, our love of people watching and creating crazy stories in place of the ones that our strained ears couldn't quite pick up, have made us very tender wedding videographers.  Although, I really hate that word.  So I prefer Cinematographer.  It's more truthful.  
If you love love like I do, or your heart needs some mending, sit down with a glass of something and watch Tracy & Mike's story.  It's beautiful and heartfelt and it takes place on a snowy winter day...
how romantic!


Modern Family Portraits - Four Generations { Hudson Valley Family Photographer }

I love Sam's family!  They are so wonderful and such warm people.  Sam's  Grandmother and  daughter came with on a shoot recently and so we got them in on the act.  Her Grandmother is stunning, right?  Next time Sam's mother is in town I have to get all 4 generations! 

xo sam&dave

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Green Tea Band- Band Photographers, New York


Dave and I just went and did some filming for our friends  the Green Tea Band.   
I don't even know where to start...
Let's see, they make me dance my butt off.  They have immense talent and voices and song writing skills and personality and, it.  They just have it.
Check them out on their website by clicking right here and then come back and tell us what you think... we also built their website so let us know how you like that too. 
xo sam&dave


Life according to my iPhone

I love my iPhone.  I use the camera all the time.  There are just so many times when we go somewhere and I know that bringing my big camera is just out of the question.   And I love that I can instantly share them.

Do you guys have an instagram account?  I love the community there and Dave and I both have accounts.  Come say hello.  Sam is @evencowgirls  and dave is @davewagner

xo sam&dave