Winter Road Trip {Joshua Tree, White Sands, Grand Canyon} Arius Photo

Dave and I decided a few years ago that one of the best ways to get through a North East winter was go take a trip in February.  This year we got lucky!  We had a woman in Arizona contact us to book a lifestyle session and we both knew that this was a sign.  At the same time a good friend of ours had bought a Jeep out west and was planning on driving it back to NY.  Score!! So Dave and I packed up our gear and a couple changes of clothes and flew out to Tucson for our session and then drove the southern route back.  We didn't have much time to stop and sight-see so we picked our places carefully.  Joshua Tree and The Grand Canyon were on the must do list and we were fortunate enough to hit White Sands as well.  We mainly took video but did remember to switch over into still mode and snap some shots here and there.  This is a little snippet of our trip.

get out and explore!
xo sam+dave

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